This logo is a rebranding of an existing company. The previous logo was had a dragon element and gothic lettering. The client wanted a logo that showed the strength and quality of the product it sells. The main products sold are gas fireplaces, braais, fire-pits etc. Many of the products are designed and manufactured [...]


A new logo for a non-profit company. Which, by the way, we strongly support.  There are various elements to this logo carefully selected to help portray the vision and work they do. The elements are the circles, the hand and the human figure.  The circles represent the holistic approach to humanitarian aid. HEF focus [...]


A new logo for a new online service providing stock images and media. The logo was designed with the play on South African slang. Kiff means something of good quality or excellent. Pix is a slang word for pictures.  The hand with the extended thumb and pinky finger, is a typical gesture used when [...]


A new logo for a start up company. The name was created by the client using letters from his name Darrell Van Rooy. Rather than create a symbol, the name was used as logo. We used symmetric lines and shapes when shaping the font.


A new logo for a mother company. The logo has the same colours of the mother company. We used the letters LQS, which are the first letters of the name Liyema Quantity Surveyors, for the logo's shape. We also created perfect lines and symmetry to show the perfect required in this industry. [...]


A new logo for a start up company. The name Manerjet is comprised from 2 words, manage and jet. The company manages various tasks for you and promises to this quickly, hence the the use of the work jet. The logo uses an element shaped liked a person and the concept of a jet. [...]


A new logo for a start up company. The final concept for this logo uses 3 elements, namely the letter S for Shikira, a shield and a leaf. The shield symbolises security, while the leaf symbolises a clean environment.


Logo design for a start up company. We used a leaf, which is a common symbol for environmental awareness, to shape the letter so that is appears as the letter G.  In the logo you can see the letters C and G for the name Green Compliance.

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