Vertopia – celebrating 9 years of doing what we love and the pomegranate!

Celebrate with us! We have some exciting news and a gift for you (expired 28 Feb 2019), read on…

When we look back to our humble beginnings and ponder the milestones from 2010 to where we are now, we see produced fruit!  It is humbling and at the same time pleasing to see how many of our clients who signed up with us in the early years are still with us today! We salute you and say thank you for your loyal support. We greatly value each client who has joined us over the past 9 years and welcome those whom we met for the first time in 2019.  We look forward to being of service to all!

So why did we choose the pomegranate as a symbol for our ninth birthday?

The reason is really special to us as it also symbolises a new era for us as a business.  The pomegranate is a fruit that consists of seeds.  It is not like an apple, for example, where you eat the flesh and discard the seeds. The seeds are the fruit.  When you look at the pomegranate, it can appear leathery and even somewhat battered on the outside.  However, when you cut it open, this fruit reveals its delicious red jewel-like seeds in rich nutritious blood-red juice.

After 9 years, we as a company, compare ourselves to the pomegranate. Let me explain.  Vertopia has gone through growing pains and have weathered some economic related storms, however, we have endured and produced good fruit. As the pomegranate’s outer shell protects the fruit inside, so have we.  Some of our fruit includes an amazing award we were part of where Vertopia was recognised for outstanding achievement in web development in 2018.  This is a big deal for us as we are always striving to do more and be better.  Over the years we have partnered with design agencies who trust us explicitly to assist with digital-related tasks.  Close to our hearts, we have provided financial and service-related support to non-profit organisations doing life-changing humanitarian work.  It encourages us a team to reflect on where we have been but even more excitingly, where we are going!

Skip this paragraph if you like, but there are some other really interesting facts about the pomegranate. Like how it has inspired the making of jewellery and its health benefits. The shape of the pomegranate seed can be seen in the crowns of kings and queens, in necklaces,  ear rings and so on.  It is an antioxidant. Pomegranates have been eaten throughout history for their health benefits. Nowadays, the juice of this fruit is a popular part of healthy diets. Moving on.

In 2019, we are giving away this fruit, or at least, a huge portion of it. What does this mean? In simple terms, we are giving away our profits. We will use the company’s profits as a means to enhance the lives of others.  Specifically, those less fortunate than us, including those who have lost a lot.  Our vehicle of choice is a non-profit company called, Humanitarian Empowerment Fund NPC (HEF).  This institution, is doing some some amazing humanitarian work. We have chosen HEF as their model is based on a holistic approach and cover various areas where humanitarian aid is needed. Learn more about them on their website here.

How does this affect you? In short, it is business as usual. However, as a bonus, as you support Vertopia, you will in-turn be contributing towards someone’s life who is in desperate need. From our side, we are so excited to know, all our hard work will contribute towards the humanitarian work we support. This invigorates us!  We know this is a bold move and to some may seem a little crazy.  We have given this a lot of thought and we are committed to ensuring we do as we say. Look out for future news on exactly how we will role this out.