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WordPress Web Tasks done Pronto! The service Your Business Deserves.

  • Same or Next Day Service from as little as R365

Any WordPress website task – from creating new content to plugin updates, we have got you covered. Best of all, we get it done pronto!

Tired of hearing others say, “Sorry… I will get it done… soon.”

Tired of hearing others say,
“Sorry… I will get done… soon.”

Meet your solution

On demand, rapid response, fast delivery, speedy service.
Call it what you want, we know you will love it.

For tasks that you need done Pronto!

Classed as level 1 or 2 type tasks. Here are some example requests, but not limited to:

  • Any content update

  • New page or sections

  • Removal of content

  • Updating products

  • Uploading of documents

  • Updates to plugins

  • Backup your site

  • Update WordPress to new version

  • Install WordPress

Trusted since 2010

What some of our clients are saying  is blessed to have found Kevin and Vertopia after working with other “so called” WordPress experts. I can vouch that this team really are this. Knowledgeable, experienced, extremely reliable and helpful. They have helped us to upgrade our site and given us very useful advice as our work together continues. Highly recommended!

Merle Diedericks,

Nowadays, in advertising and design, it’s imperative to offer digital solutions. This would not be possible for my business without the technical support of Vertopia’s WordPress services. ​Kevin and his team make sure my clients’ sites are continuously updated and secure. ​Their helpful and skilful approach assures me that we are in good hands!

Jeni-Anne Campbell, JAW Design

Vertopia is a professional hosting partner and a critical component to running a successful E-commerce business . Kevin has supported 2 of our websites for a number of years and is always professional in his dealings with us. One of our websites is an online store which requires high levels of skill, support and knowledge and Vertopia offers it all.

Jacques Wolmarans, Sound of Ministry, Jireh Group

Vertopia has taken care of numerous WordPress sites for our clients with through WordPress Support Services and expert support. As an ad agency, professionalism and efficient service is key. Vertopia has always been dependable, on point and have kept all sites running in prime condition. It goes without saying that Aftershock Studios will continue making use of their service and recommend them to any WordPress site owner.

Rosika Delport, Aftershock Studios

Papersmith & Son have dealt with Vertopia since around 2015, and our experience with them over the years have been really spectacular. Our website, as it is for many companies, is very important to us and with the WordPress Assist Service we know that our website is updated and protected. If there is ever an issue with our website, Kevin is always prompt to assist.

Dayna-Jean Broeders, Papersmith & Sons

How it works


Request the Service

Purchase a WP Pronto Service Booking which includes 30-minutes, enough for most common tasks. Add-on vouchers available if you need more.


Project is Assigned

We will discuss your needs via email, WhatsApp or telephonically and then assign one of our WP Pronto team members to the task.


Pronto Delivery

We get it done pronto, the same or next day. When required, we will ask for your approval before publishing live.

Let’s get started!

We are ready to assist you pronto!
From as little as R365.

  • WP Pronto Service Booking / R365 (up to 30 minutes)

  • Add-on vouchers / R280 (additional 30 minutes)
  • Maximum add-on vouchers allowed is 5

  • Add-on vouchers minutes not used can be banked

  • Need more? Please contact us for a quote.

Get in touch with us.


How do I know how long it will take to finish a task?2022-09-07T16:57:11+02:00

Really good question. One that cannot be answered simply. However, as we have been doing this for a long time, we have a pretty good idea. Not only have we been working on WordPress websites since 2010, we have become pretty good it. We can therefore provide a good estimate.

We have opted to start with 30 minutes as we can get most done in this time. Should you have a time consuming task, we will inform you. Add-ons of 30-minutes up to 2.5 hours are available.

Need more? We can provide a quote.

How do add-on vouchers work?2022-09-03T14:54:02+02:00

Sometimes you need more. Add-on vouchers allow for larger updates to be done at an overall reduced rate. Add-on vouchers can only be added to a WP Pronto voucher. Add-on vouchers add 30 minutes to your projects. A maximum of 5 add-on vouchers can be purchased.

We want you to get the most of the service, so any unused minutes from add-on vouchers can banked for future tasks. However, add-on minutes cannot be used as standalone and require a new WP Pronto voucher.

Here’s an example:
You purchased 1 WP Pronto voucher and 1 add-on voucher. This will give you 60 minutes. The task takes 40 minutes to complete, leaving you with 20 minutes banked.  A week later you want to book another task. You will need to purchase a WP Pronto voucher first. As you have 20 minutes banked, you will have 50 minutes available for the new task.

Use them up while you can as they will expire after 365 days.


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